Learning Product Photography – Cup

I have been learning a lot about speedlights and product photography. I finally bought a big piece of white paper for the background and got these two shots one at 50mm and the other above 100mm. I am still looking for my favorite photography genre and I may be getting close! I know that I need to work on focus, eliminating extra light from the environment, correct flash settings, and so much more. But I really do like these cup pictures as a first try.

Philadelphia Naval Hospital

About Michelle: Where it all began

It all began back in November of 1963 at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. For some reason I don’t have my new born pictures, but if I ever do, I will share them. The hospital was demolished in 2001 according to Wikipedia. I have seen the building from the highway on visits to the city.

In an effort to introduce myself, I am going to share posts about myself. Not in a self-centered way, but in an effort to let you know a little about who I am. I will do this over time as I find pictures and assets that can illustrate the topic.

Philadelphia Naval Hospital
By Adam from Champaign, Illinois, USA – Philadelphia, PA Third Philadelphia Naval Hospital no date (circa 1940s)Uploaded by xnatedawgx, CC BY 2.0,

Birth Announcement

Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm, Severn, MD

I discovered a part of paradise in the form of Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm. This 40 acre farm has flowers, vegetables, animals, a pond and gazebo, and so much more. They host many events, parties, and workshops. Take a day to visit and explore, you won’t be disappointed. It was extremely hot on the day I visited so I wasn’t able to take many pictures, but a few are below.

Willow Oak Flower & Herb Farm
Address: 8109 Telegraph Rd, Severn, MD 21144
Phone: (410) 551-2237

Captured: July 30, 2017

HorseSpirit Arts Gallery, Main Street, Ellicott City, Maryland

During my Ellicott City visit, I visited HorseSpirit Arts Gallery. The owner, Robin Holliday allowed me to take pictures. Please stop by  if you get a chance. The pieces are accessible and beautiful. Robin created the glass bead hanging pictured.

Captured June 19, 2017

HorseSpirt Arts Gallery
8090 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Twitter: @HorseSpiritArts

It is that time of the year again, blog redo time!

Well, it is that time of the year again. It is when I listen to my initial instinct and redo my blog to become a multi-topic blog instead of a niche blog. I joined a blogging group that told me that I HAD to have a niche. I decided to go along with the group and separate my blog into a few different topics in separate sites. Then the cares of life with elderly relatives took over. There was no time to maintain all of that. Unfortunately, some of those responsibilities are no more. 🙁 So now I am back to focus on my blog. I have multiple interest that I would like to learn and share. In addition to that I have so many photographs to share. I know that a business, blogging, web development, business model, innovation, travel photography, and personal blog might not be the best setup of a blog, but that’s OK. So with that, I have put it all back together. In the process I have destroyed a few links to my photographs but that is OK! Expect to see more posts on any topic that comes to my mind. 🙂