Vin 909, Annapolis, MD

Vin 909 Annapolis MD

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with my friend Cindy at Vin 909 in Annapolis, MD. It was great seeing Cindy and I thank her for introducing me to this new place.

Cindy and I have:  served lunches; protested for students and higher pensions; presented together; arranged regional competitions together; and chaperoned trips to Deep Creek Lake, Hagerstown, Ocean City, and Kansas City all in the name of SkillsUSA (VICA). This time together and lunch beat all of those very rewarding experiences. 🙂

Vin 909
909 Bay Ridge Ave
Annapolis, MD 21403

Vin 909 Annapolis MDVin 909 Annapolis MD  




The Clock, Ellicott City, MD

Ellicott City Clock

I visited Ellicott City on Wednesday and was happy to see that some of the businesses were open. There was a devastating flood there in 2016. Unfortunately there are many businesses that have not reopened. Below are pictures that I took of the clock in 2015 and on 3/8/2017. Additionally, I have included 2 videos from the Baltimore Sun that show the night of the flood and the damage. I plan on visiting when I can and supporting the merchants. Over the next few days I will post a few pictures from my recent visit also.

The Ellicott City Clock 12/28/2015

Ellicott City Clock

The Ellicott City Clock 3/8/2017

Ellicott City Clock Ellicott City Clock Ellicott City Clock

The Flood 7/30/2016