US Capitol Dome, Washington, DC

5/9/2015 The US Capitol dome is undergoing a renovation. The night view of the scaffolding is beautiful. We visited one afternoon and stayed from afternoon to evening so that I could take pictures. As an added bonus I also took a US Botanic Garden night shot also. If you go, go on the weekend after the crowds have left. Park in the lots right in front of the Capitol and Botanic Garden. Have you been to the Botanic Garden?

Bethesda Farmers Market Bread and Mushrooms, Bethesda, MD

We lived in Bethesda for a while and whenever I had a chance I would go to the Bethesda Central Farm Market. On this trip I took a few pictures of bread and mushrooms. I would love to try these pictures over again to get shots from different angles. I really loved going to the market and am grateful for the dedicated vendors that so diligently create and grow the items that are sold each Sunday.

Original Date: 2/22/2014

Camera: Canon T3