ASTD TechKnowledge’s Conference App Is Cool | Workplace Learning Today- Brandon Hall Research

I have been casually looking at how mobile applications are being used by learning organizations. In this post ASTD TechKnowledge’s Conference App is Cool on the Workplace Learning Today blog by Brandon Hall Research today.

I downloaded the app on my Android and it has these sections:

  • Search – In application search.
  • Schedule – The conference schedule in a calendar.
  • Program – The program listed by category and then title with time.
  • Speakers – A list of all of the speakers, their bio, and some include website and emails. Additionally, you can add notes for that speaker and tag them as favorites.
  • Expo – A list of all of the expo participants.
  • Media – PowerPoints for the presentations.
  • Maps – A map of the convention hall.
  • Twitter – a Twitter feed for #tk11.

It is a very good app and is giving me a few ideas!

New Storefront Coming for Tablet-Based Magazines | Mashable

New Storefront Coming for Tablet-Based Magazines [REPORT]. – Mashable

I would like to purchase a tablet. It will possibly be an Android based tablet. I rather like the idea of having magazines on that tablet. I can download copies of ASTD’s T+D Magazine and PMI’s PM Network since I am a member of both organizations. The problem comes when it is time to read the magazines on my Droid 2. The screen is a nice size for most things, but I just can’t seem to want to read the magazines on my phone. The screen needs to be BIGGER.

In fact, when I get this tablet, it will help me move to the paperless revolution that was started so long ago and never actually materialized. 🙂

“Remarkable and Inspiring Words”

I have to agree with Robert Shelton of the University of Arizona regarding the President’s speech at the memorial service tonight.

No matter your political leanings, if you really listened to this speech tonight and have a heart, it was an excellent speech and hopefully resonated within as being words of truth.

I am not sure where the speech will be posted, but it may possibly be located at the White House Speeches and Remarks site at a future date.