Spence’s Bazaar, Dover, DE

We went to Spence’s Bazaar, a combination flea market and Amish Market. There was a cacophony of things for sale here such as: furniture, meat, desserts, furniture, hammers, cell phone cases, and anything you can think of. If you like bazaars, this is a place for you! I took pictures yesterday and in November and a combination are below. Did I mention you can buy almost anything? 🙂

Sunday Morning, Whole Foods, Columbia, MD

There is something about the water. Large bodies of water, a lake, or a pond, it doesn’t matter. I believe that’s why I love to come to the Wholefoods in Columbia by the lake each Sunday that I can. I normally just show the view from one window pane or my breakfast on Instagram but the photos show a little more of what I see each visit from flowers, to the sky, to a display of various foods.






The Spice & Tea Exchange of Georgetown @spiceandtea

I went on a journey today that was supposed to take me to the National Zoo. Unfortunately I forgot about the National Zoo being a Government organization. It is currently shutdown. So my journey took me in a different direction. Fortunately, I ended up at the The Spice & Tea Exchange of Georgetown. 

The proprietor was very pleasant and encourages you to open the jars. This I did and I purchased Herbes de Provence and Ginger Sugar. The Herbes de Provence is excellent and I am sure the Ginger Sugar will be also.

The shop sells spices, herbs, sugars, salts, peppers, and teas.

Name: Spice and Tea Exchange

Captured: 10/6/2013

2013-10-06 Spice and Tea Exchange Georgetown-5113


2013-10-06 Spice and Tea Exchange Georgetown-5110 2013-10-06 Spice and Tea Exchange Georgetown-5111 2013-10-06 Spice and Tea Exchange Georgetown-5112