My Summer Vacation, Part 4 of 6, Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island, home of the big homes and a town on the water. If you notice a theme, I love towns on the water! This is a special town on the water as it has a long drive around it that features areas where you can stop and watch the sun go down. Of course you have the town with shops and restaurants, a health food store, and the very very large homes.

This trip to Newport was especially nice because I got to stay at the Hyatt Regency Newport on Goat Island. I have always wanted to stay there because it was on its own little island. If you were to travel with me you would know that I want to be in the center of town, on the water, and at the best hotel we can afford. Sometimes I will veer from that, but that is usually the criteria. The Hyatt on Goat Island did not disappoint us. Water all around with sailboats and yachts all around. A few pictures below will show you what we saw.

My Summer Vacation, Part 3 of 6, Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island, one of my favorite cities. My husband and I have visited Providence many times before. We have either stayed overnight on the way to another destination or stayed for a few days. I love to walk along the waterfront and explore the city. We also love the Rhode Island School of Design’s (RISD) Art Gallery. This time we didn’t stay very long, it was our overnight stop on the way to Newport. I took a few shots on the way to the local coffee shop. I don’t even like coffee, I like the smell of coffee, but I love coffee shops.


2013 Year of More Photography

During our trip to San Francisco in September I took way to many pictures, about 1,623 to be exact. Before the trip I purchased a Canon Rebel EOS T3 DSLR camera. I read the manual for the camera, tried to cram on how to compose a picture, use the aperture,  change the shutter speed and much more. By the time I got out there all of the information turned to mush and I used the automatic settings a lot. I did try to experiment with the aperture settings a little.

Internal Debate: Taking the Perfect Shot the First Time vs Post-Processing

Before I left I also had a few internal debates regarding Taking the Perfect Shot the First Time or Post Processing.

Somewhere I read that Ansel Adams actually did post-processing when he developed his real film. So, I thought if it was good enough for Ansel, it is good enough for me. As I was writing this, I looked that quote up and found that I was not the originator of that sentiment. Apparently this is a debate that people have in real life, I found two blog posts that seem to represent the essence of the debate.

“Mr. Adams used post processing as a tool to bring his creative vision to a print –he did not use it as a crutch to compensate for poor technique… 

If you are justifying your post processing by claiming that Ansel Adams did it, or would have done it, then you are taking the man completely out of context! A big part of being a photographer is learning about all of the things that influence an image before you press the shutter release.”


“Is it cheating?

And at the end of the day the digital darkroom (post processing software) is a modern extension of the original darkroom, and even has some of the darkroom techniques (or digital versions of) like dodge and burn and unsharp mask included in it.

I think the digital darkroom is just the next evolution of the original darkroom.”

The Decision

I agree with both John and Mandy! I decided to take so many pictures that by sheer luck I should have at least one picture that was a beautiful picture. Remember all of the things I read moved right out of my head as we flew the 6 hours to get there and started to experience the beauty of San Francisco and the surrounding areas!
Thus 2013 will be the Year of More Photography. I will keep learning about photography (actually re-learning, my father had a 35mm camera when I was younger that he would let me use and I have actually developed real film two times in my life) so that I can take a great shot with little need of post-processing BUT also I would like to be creative with my photos because I will never be Picasso, Matisse, or Renoir and this might be the closest I can get to being an artist. 🙂

A Picture

Below is a picture of the Transamerica  Pyramid with an older building in front of it. If you know the name of the older building, please let me know. I thought it was a decent shot. I love the contrast of the old with the new. And also love black and white photos. So the photo below has been processed in Snapseed with the Black & White – Contrast setting.


Transamerica Pyramid, San Fancisco
Transamerica Pyramid, San Franciso, 9/2012


Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

I got a chance to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial today. There are many who are not satisfied with the memorial for various reasons, all rightfully so I am sure. But I have decided to look at things from a different perspective, this man, though not perfect and reportedly with some moral failings, put his life on the line to fight for liberty and justice for all. He deserves a memorial and the way I see it whether this one is perfect or not, it is well deserved and way late in coming.

There were so many wonderful sayings of MLK’s around the memorial. If only some of the cowardly politicians of our time would live and act by some of the sayings. Many people hold up certain people with such high regard in this current time and if they were measured by the measure of is what you are saying equal and fair for all? Does what you propose oppress certain people? Would you want your mother, daughter, or child to have no health insurance? Would you want your mother, daughter, or child to be treated differently because of the color of their skin?

Well honestly, some of the very people that are going around fighting to “take this country back to what it use to be” don’t seem to know that they are or will end up being treated unequally and unfairly in the end if left up to the politicians that they support that spew the things that I am hearing from some of today’s politicians. Which makes me wonder, is it more important to “get back to what we use to be” or to actually be truthful about the politicians we support. Based on the blind following, I think it is the taking back the country…shame…shame.

For more information on the memorial

Get Away, Philadelphia, Day 2

We had a nice relaxing time in Philadelphia.

The view from a waterfront room at the Hyatt is not the most beautiful, but it is beautiful in a sense because I like water. In this picture you are looking at New Jersey. Water always seems to make things calmer whether it is brown or blue.

On Sunday morning we decided  to indulge in the breakfast that came with the room. We had breakfast at Hyatt’s Keating Grill which provides the view in the pictures below but at a lower level. A breakfast of fruit, potatoes, and grilled vegetables hit the spot.

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-789

After breakfast we took a walk down the Penn’s landing pier. People jog, stroll, and just enjoy the view when traversing this pier.
2011-01-02 Philadelphia-633

We had dinner on this ship, the Moshulu, a long time ago. It was very formal. The menu and atmosphere have changed a little since then.

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-461


We decided to skip the museum this time as I wanted to find the chocolate shop and the tea shop. First up was Teuscher Chocolates. All I knew was that I saw an add in the Where Philadelphia magazine that mentioned chocolates and that I wanted to go to this place. It turns out that they have excellent chocolate! I got a selection and we went to the Starbucks for some tea and chocolates. One of the chocolates was something called a Dark Champagne Truffle. It was awesome. After this a certain break was needed and it turns out that the place we were in, the Bellevue, which is another Hyatt, has a location for this on the 19th floor. The picture that you see below is from the 19th floor of this building. The water is the Delaware River.

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-555


After walking around on the west side of Broad Street, visiting shops near Rittenhouse Square, we found the tea shop, Premium Steep. My husband loves tea and found some high quality Sencha there. I drink it, love tea shops, but am not into tea as much as he is. So when I am asked if I want to smell the tea, it doesn’t do a whole lot for me. 🙂 One day it will.

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-318

2011-01-02 Philadelphia-113