Intrepid’s View on Social Learning #TK10

Intrepid’s View on Social Learning #TK10
Social Learning is one tool in the learning toolbox.

    • It’s not (only) about the technology.
    • There’s still no free lunch, even when the tools are “free.”
        • Users must be encourage to contribute
        • There must be incentives for them to contribute
        • Need active ways to energize the people you are targeting
        • Targeted content
        • Social learning is not fully mature, but it is real. Deal with it.

Busines & Performance Assessment (Going beyond the traditional boundaries of “learning”)


        • We setup the series of training.
        • ILT
        • VILT
        • E-Training
    • Agile
        • Small pieces of easily consumed learning content
        • Job Aides
        • Performance support materials
        • Emphasis is on speed and convenience of access
    • Social
        • Emphasis on collaboration
        • User generated content
        • User determined path in the content


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